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written by: hedgehog


Hiroshima felt its full cause and effect
I am looking back not talking mythically
That mushroom cloud that enveloped so many souls
Having spent so much time developing it
They cannot turn back the clock to put it in its box

Surely politicians and scientists foresaw the future?
As busy in their bunkers they worked their trade
Mythically we tell ourselves it was Hitler who rent the veil
But surely the sanity of man has been suspect for centuries?

August the sixth nineteen forty five
One hundred thousand blown up and burned alive
But even then the “Jack-in-the-box” survived
That day would see the start of a new world order
Those with and those without a new heaven and a new earth

I have long ago decided that those who succour war are wrong
War cost lives and families suffer for politicians’ failure
Who the Gods would destroy they must first make mad
Then the present day equivalent of Hitler must surely be Syria’s Assad

Creator spirit I cannot think that you will rise and repair this world
Or the Messiah will reappear to awake the masses to revolt
The future of man was sealed on that day in nineteen forty five
Not in my lifetime, but, man that day had plotted his demise

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