Hostel Neotiations, poem by Jordan Trethewey at

Hostel Negotiations

Hostel Negotiations

written by: Jordan Trethewey



I beat a stumbling retreat—
Celtic dance beats on George Street
after kissing a wooden Puffin,

not the cod I hoped
would innumerate me
another honorary Newfoundlander.

I totter in line,
need a submarine sandwich
bun to sponge me into sobriety.

The hostel smells—
newsprint and dry rot,
not that it matters

unfurling a footlong
in front of the common room TV.
Two fellow travellers return

early as well,
without food,
yet are hungry.

Sauced, I eat
while the twosome tear
at their own wrappers,

gnaw at one another’s lips.
Unsure of my reality,
I cannot distinguish

whether I’m casually viewing,
or witnessing porn.
The actors, as usual,

pay me no mind.
I’ve seen worse
while ravenously intoxicated.

Not being one to pass up
a storyteller’s wet dream,
I consider staying put,

but choose to forego
an awkward money shot,
in favour of salty doorstep air—

the opportunity to regale
others on the way in
with my revisions.

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