House of Ill Repute, poetry written by Nivedita Roy at

House of Ill Repute

House of Ill Repute

written by: Nivedita Roy



They enter as traitors
in this lupanar, this bordello,
be it, king, be it knight
all have been nude, here for the show;
where bodies are exhibited
for everyone who comes and never really goes,
in this house of ill-repute
some find peace, others just- chaos.
They call him abbot,
who abstains luxury in abbey
oh! that poor, my lover
Abbot, is the reason for my cloth’s still shabby.
They salute his tyranny,
that ruler who stands for harmony
spends days in building the world
to wreck my worth, under the night’s agony.
In the world of rage and fear
my bare-self, beshield his scared mind
in scorching paths of his climb
I am the soothing shadow, he finds.
Yet in this game of hide and seek
I am the only one, who hides.
In this society filled with families
I stay to be a one night’s bride.
For whom I pacified this abyss
is the reason of my cosmos, resident of tides.
The men who, lose all their valiance in here
call me sellouts-just for money outside.
The women who, flaunt around
making sure they are safe and sound
I know all their demands and denials
I get punished in lieu to whenever they frowned.
To this allay of cultures, hoaxed ab aeterno
I am an ascetic, to love and affection,
to the greed of respect or despect
I am and will always be society’s darkest reflection.

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