Humanity's Common Enemy, commentary by Androvish Berrian

Humanity’s Common Enemy

Humanity’s Common Enemy

written by: Androvish Berrian


The news came so sudden, who would have believed that a common enemy would rise up to threaten so many.
Africa, for the most part has been for a very long time experiencing a lot of physically detrimental attacks; from a poor economy, disputes, illiteracy, hunger, incapacitated or substandard resources, etc.. However, she (Africa) has cherished the amount of peace, growth, movement, family spirit, relations she experienced. The biggest threat was accepting that there exists a virus with the ability to kill, to breakdown economy, to starve all especially the poor, to close schools thereby increasing the rate of illiteracy, to threaten relationships thereby separating families, friends, congregational worshipers, etc.

In Monrovia, Liberia where I live, because of this common enemy, movements unless safe or urgent, have been discouraged and all schools have been shut down. Due to this sudden shutdown, some schools’ administrations have considered continuing study reviews online, so as to keep track of the progress of their students and continue instructional processes. This shutdown has equally affected markets, stores, banks and all public gatherings including Churches, Mosques, and other religious gatherings. With this shutdown, the rate of death is feared to increase, not only being killed by the virus but being killed out of fear, panic, hunger, etc.

Nevertheless, just as Dr. Monroe would say, “Crisis is the incubator of creativity”, we have come to accept and revisit our plans and spend time with our families. Local music artists have taken to carry out awareness through songs, social media personnel is feeding the media with updates of the virus as well as insuring and encouraging everyone to stay at home. Some individuals, organizations, medical students, youth groups have started a massive campaign of awareness and distributions of safety and hygiene aids. Some leaders are providing food for those less privileged. Telecommunication or GSM companies are providing bonuses to enable affordability. Even Religious leaders and organizations are providing worship sessions online, as they gave hope to their believers.
With all hopes not lost, we are learning to accept the opportunities to be with our families, observe safety measures, benefit the treasures of the world we have long ignored, and equally pray for those who are currently affected with this virus.

In conclusion, we are optimistic although with a little fear that this common enemy will be defeated if we all work together. While during these, we are sure of not losing our values, dignities or decencies, but to be as generous as possible to each other.
Stay home and stay safe.


Monrovia, Liberia

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