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To No Man

written by: Eloina


To be embraced by a firm grip with large beckoning hands,
leading my head into the gentle breathing of a beating chest,
humming me into a state of safety.
As much as the idea takes me, it's aimed for shipwreck.
Even so you are yours and I am mine.
With sudden bounce I engage in separation from
the warm blood pumping across the chest.
I run my stretched out fingers down my soft pale arms,
around the humps of my petite breasts,
the imperfect curves of the skin,
finally turning on back to the over-proportionate size;
my hands don't fill up.
There on after I realize I belong to no man.



I'll begin my bio the only way I know how and that's by introducing my home city and state. I've lived my whole life in South Florida, I currently live in Hollywood, Florida. On another note, I never expected to fall in love with poetry and to even write it for that matter. But once I began writing it was like giving the world all my little secrets in very discrete ways. Writing poems allows me to creatively express myself or even opinions in poetic forms and it fills me with joy writing them.

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