I Am Falling Into Insanity by Khalid Belkhalfi at Spillwords.com

I Am Falling Into Insanity

I Am Falling Into Insanity

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


Light my hopeless paths, let me go free
In the darkness of hate, I can’t really see
Villain’s hands are holding my willingness
Earsplitting desire widens my dizziness

Weary is my mind, I am falling into insanity
Harassing animosity ravages my humanity
Answer my call, open the gates of peace
Take my hand, let this abhorrence cease

You‘re my love, my hate, enemy, and friend
Open your heart to peace, let this war end
Unchain my sick heart let my hope expand

Loud thunderstorms are tearing off my sky
Obscene and dreadful crimes made me cry
Vail down on your knees for I’m your king
End this bitterness and let the birds sing

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