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I Am In Awe Of You...

written by: Anabela Loureiro


I am in awe of you...
The way your eyes see beauty in everyone and everything.
The way you accept those around you
as if their existence is the key to your happiness.
The way your soul glorifies the sun’s rays and dances to the beat of heavy rain.
The way your heart projects love and acceptance to the most needy and to those struggling to believe in their own mesmerizing inner strength.
I am in awe of you...
You are the epitome of a mind, body and soul, completely in sync with the essence of a worthy and fulfilled life...

Anabela Loureiro

Anabela Loureiro

What I write is simple and I hope the simplicity of my words can be understood and accepted by all the kind people that I am honoured to have reached. Writing sustains me as my heart is suspended from the spiritual light that has manifested itself and strengthened my hopes, my desires, my faith and above all, my voice.
Anabela Loureiro

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