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I Am Still Here

written by: Marie Johnson-Ladson


When you remember my smile
When you remember my laughter
When you remember what I used to say
I Am Still Here

When you see me in your dreams
When you fix my favorite foods
When you hear music I used to play
I Am Still Here

When you remember the lessons we learned
When you remember the places we used to go
When you remember our visits
I Am Still Here

Things have changed and you may shed a tear
But when you celebrate my life
Remember the good times we shared
Remember how I felt about you
Remember my face and my name
Memories last forever
I Am Still Here.

Marie Johnson-Ladson

Marie Johnson-Ladson

Marie Johnson-Ladson is a writer of Free Verse, Poetry and Short Stories. She is a co-founder of Champagne Writers in New Jersey with a passion to find beauty, fiction and reality in the World we live in. She loves to listen to music, do photography and write.
Marie Johnson-Ladson

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