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Not A Poem

Not A Poem

written by: Smruti Ranjan Mohanty


It is more than a battle
More devastating than any war
Ever fought in the history of mankind
Something you have not encountered as yet
However cruel and powerful may be the enemy
Whatever may be the situation
You may not have the weapon to
Face it in an open combat
But you can always go back and stay inside
Take your own time
To ensure the victory of mankind
You have to win not only for yourself
But for all of us, the humanity as a whole
I am afraid
You don’t have the second option
The option of losing
You can’t be the cause of defeat
Of the whole mankind.
We can’t go back to the days
From where we have started
When our ancestors were roaming in the forests
Here and there protecting their lives
And searching for bare necessities
It was their ceaseless quest for a better life
And identity for which we are where we are
At the zenith of glory

Spirit is at the lowest ebb
The economy is in very bad shape
The battle is long and tedious
Most of us confined to home
Commodities essential are hard to come
But we should not forget those
Far away from their near and dear
At the forefront risking their lives
Fighting against the virus
Some are away from home
Circumstances forced them to be on the streets
Walking hundreds of kilometers to reach home
Some are not that fortunate
Staying in asylums fighting against all odds
Life is difficult
But not as difficult as you think it to be
We do not know
How our tomorrow will be
But we have to gather strength to fight
A long battle is ahead of us
Life is a struggle for existence
And the show will go on
Irrespective of the scenario
Heart, mind and reason to work in tandem
To come out of the situation
To ensure the survival of mankind.
When existence in jeopardy
We should be prepared for the supreme sacrifice

What is most unfortunate is
We are feeding the enemy in us
Helping its mission
By carrying it from one place to the other
Our body is its safe haven
Jumping from one to the other
Extending its sway all over
Is its passion unlimited
Our body is its fortress
To kill it we can not kill ourselves
But we can halt its rampage
By protecting ourselves
And checking its further spread
By not allowing our body to be its prey
By breaking the chain
Giving any mileage to it is suicidal
Non-operation is the only way
Left to us to ensure our survival

While enjoying all the amenities
Look at your neighbour
See how he is
While enjoying a sumptuous meal
See how many of your lane are
Struggling to make their both ends meet.
Forget not
You are a human being
Love, affection and fellow-feeling
Are flowing in your vein and artery
Never hate someone suffering from the virus
Tomorrow it can be you, he and me
Love the victim with all your heart
But remain away from the enemy
Silently looking at you with a disdainful smile.
You are for yourself, not for others
You are for yourself, so for others
The moment you realise this
Corona will silently wither
You take care of yourself
We are taking care of ourselves
The system, doctors and body immunity
will take care of the rest
Fighting against the virus

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