I Arise Today, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at Spillwords.com

I Arise Today

I Arise Today

written by: Charlie Bottle



I am tired of sleeping with Regret
in dreams, tending to her disowned children,
calling my name, everywhere I go,
they show up on my porch
as what could have been,
dressed as success and sometimes failure,
smelling of disappointment, and possibilities,
and sometimes as holes in my hat
and on my coat above my heart
a reminder of the bullets that missed me.

I am tired of waking with Regret
even before I step out of bed,
she takes my mind on excursions
to all the places I could have been,
and I could have done or seen,
to all that I could have become,
and leads me down alleys,
to see all that I am in this moment,
not one led by greed, selfishness, and fear
but rather, one led by a love for humanity.

So, this day, I divorce regret,
and choose optimism and bravery
as my constant companions,
to brave victory over adversity,
and overcome the ignorance of reality
that this world demands,
exploiting and mining datasets,
and so, to meld malleable minds to buy
their products, thoughts, creeds, decrees, xenophobia,
by pursuing true knowledge and unconditional love.

I arise today on the wings of heaven,
I see beauty and goodness in all that I see,
no more the hegemony of philosophies,
of religion and societies that demand you hate
and so, to prove your love for some god or king.
For, the one who created this world and others,
created us so we may love unconditionally,
all that he has made in his generous goodness,
so, I love as he loves, I give as he gives
and share with all his abundant love.

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