I Just Want To Go Home, poetry by Kara Jackman at Spillwords.com
Daan Stevens

I Just Want To Go Home

I Just Want To Go Home

written by: Kara Jackman



Front clasp
Metal on metal
Zipped fly
Green corduroys
Blue Sweater

I’m wearing clothes for
The first time in days

I’m going home from the hospital
I ate the Ice cream
Like they told me
So I can go home,
Their rules
Not mine
Scrambled eggs when I get home
Mom says

Things going by fast again
It’s been slow for so long.
Three days feel like
Three months here

People moving round
Flying past me
Papers, doctors, nurses, curtains, gurneys, sheets, kids, gauze, blood
Blue blurred into blue
Into grey into white
Into oblivion

Get me outta here

Cold air rushes to my cheeks

Cars, horns, mom’s voice, other voices chatter
Everything faster, louder than three days hence

I’m slow
Tired, worn, sore
Swollen, bruised

I just want to go home



I wrote this piece when I was in high school. It’s written from my perspective as a 5-year-old about to leave the hospital after having surgery to repair my soft palate.

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