I Know, Firsthand written by Greg Massey at Spillwords.com

I Know, Firsthand

I Know, Firsthand

written by: Greg Massey



I know, firsthand, how one life can
destroy another.

I’ve ceased to live,
though designed to surmount these
days on soil,
at the helm of nihilistic tongues.

I’m versed in fear from the sounds of waiting –
when the silence of Sheol deafens the mind with its maddening wails.

As I’ve been abrogated by implacable souls,
so have I been put right by another.

I know, firsthand, how one life can
restore what was broken in the depths of its counterpart’s marrow.

I know, firsthand, the soul can be

I know, firsthand, that embers blaze when they are finally tended to, and cared for, in spite of imperfections.

This, I know, firsthand.


Loss can send an individual into an uncanny state; a frame of mind unfamiliar with what is known as normal. The depths explored through loss, that place known as Rock Bottom, create an opportunity for soul-searching. As chaotic as this place may be, it can become a platform. Sometimes, an individual will come along and lift us from this place of despair. This individual is worth the previous pain.

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