I Know What I Am written by Troy DeFrates at Spillwords.com

I KNow What I Am

I Know What I Am

written by: Troy DeFrates


Finding myself alone in this home, with no will to roam
Digging a hole with the walls so steep, no comfort in sleep
Looking for my own space
Myself I have displaced

I am broken down upon my knees
Whose face do I see in the mirror?
Ashen faced looking so displeased
Watching my breath as I freeze
I need to know who I am

I’ve lost all my foresight, lost in my hindsight
Once a fearless man, doing the best I can
Searching for my own place
Not recognizing my own face

Falling to the floor now
With only a door to nowhere
Stars in my eyes I can’t concentrate
Gotta find myself before it’s too late
I need to know who I am

Been hardened from the battle, weary from the fight
My present awakens, remembering what was taken
From what I held so dear
Facing my own worst fears

Getting off the floor now
Finding strength somehow
A man born again
No longer hiding from the wind
I know what I am now

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