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I KNow What I Am

I Know What I Am

written by: Troy DeFrates


Finding myself alone in this home, with no will to roam
Digging a hole with the walls so steep, no comfort in sleep
Looking for my own space
Myself I have displaced

I am broken down upon my knees
Whose face do I see in the mirror?
Ashen faced looking so displeased
Watching my breath as I freeze
I need to know who I am

I’ve lost all my foresight, lost in my hindsight
Once a fearless man, doing the best I can
Searching for my own place
Not recognizing my own face

Falling to the floor now
With only a door to nowhere
Stars in my eyes I can’t concentrate
Gotta find myself before it’s too late
I need to know who I am

Been hardened from the battle, weary from the fight
My present awakens, remembering what was taken
From what I held so dear
Facing my own worst fears

Getting off the floor now
Finding strength somehow
A man born again
No longer hiding from the wind
I know what I am now

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates

Troy DeFrates lives in the Great Woods Of Northern Wisconsin, U.S.A., and has been published over twenty times in the last year in various periodicals and online magazines including Spillwords.
Troy DeFrates

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