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I Need Love Yes I Do

I Need Love Yes I Do

written by: PYG’s Whisper



Each new day that comes
Is a repetition of the day that’s gone
I wake up alone every morning
I open my sunken eyes hardly
Looking at the ceiling of my room sadly I sigh tiredly
Then I leave my bed after my daily battle with my worn body
I have no desire to prepare my breakfast
Oh, don’t you know that my kitchen is on strike?
Tired of seeing my ugly face every day
Drinking my bitter coffee in silence looking at my last year’s
newspaper without even reading a single word
Maybe you’re a fan of loneliness
You dream of having a kingdom all yours
Live for yourself
Sleep with yourself
Play and laugh with yourself
Perhaps you envy me for what I hate
And you are ready to give everything to get what I pray to throw away
‘Cause you never met my surd life
You never knew how it feels to be sick and no one knocks at your door
And confirms that you’re still alive
You never knew how it feels to be sad and nobody pats your back
and tells you it’s gonna be alright
Yes you never knew how it feels to be left out in the dark
and no soft arms around to hold you tight
No lips dry your salty tears
falling down like a river on your cheeks
No gentle voice whispers I love you in your deaf ear
You never knew how to breathe without love
‘Cause you never knew how it feels to lose who used to love you to
Ask me about what I’m dying for
And I’ll shout and run with my bare feet
I need to find hope in each sun ray
I need to love the way I’m loved like a fool
I need to find the little girl in me
that everyone spoils
everyone wants to make her smile
I need love because love needs me from a long time ago
I need love… yes I do
Because my heart is a volcano of emotions
You just have to touch it
Then it will explode and warm up your soul with the flames of its
surplus affections…


Love is what everyone needs, & doesn’t mean only the relationships between men & women. Love illuminates your dark life & brings hope to your hopeless night. Love is your mother father brother sister friends. Love is you 🙂

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