I Once Met a Porcupine Mate, a poem written by Solomon Ayomide at Spillwords.com
Nicolas Savignat

I Once Met a Porcupine Mate

I Once Met a Porcupine Mate

written by: Solomon Ayomide


Frail and cold, he perched by my stead’s edge
In dire need of warmth, he begged for a shade beside my ledge
“Let me pass the hour here” so he said on that day we met –
On a fiercely cold night, while I lay within a stiff net.

In a flip, my heart opened wide the stilled oak door
And together we supped on the same rusty floor
In alignment, do we converse of time immemorial
Like two old mates bounded up in the umbilical.

“Time to move” I announced as the sun smiles above,
But there he remained glued like a mummy in a blurry cave.
I offer to lift up his luggage with every delicate care,
But instead, he pierces me with the prickly quills of his stare!

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