If I Could Love You Longer, poetry by Tylia Flores at Spillwords.com
Xavier Coiffic

If I Could Love You Longer

If I Could Love You Longer

written by: Tylia Flores



I’ve been on a bumpy journey,
Full of many twists and turns,
Left with many heartbreaks and disappointment,
But I would go through every mishap again,
Just so I can find you again and love you longer.
Than I’ve ever loved someone,
Cause you’re worthy of it,
No matter what is said about you,
Cause in my chocolate chip colored eyes,
You’re the most beautiful thing I could ever see,
Despite everything that might be a flaw for some,
It’s all signs of a beautiful soul,
Who would have thought that a journey that was once dark and gloomy,
Would lead me to something as amazingly beautiful and sunny,
But I would go through my darkest days,
All over again,
So that I could love you longer,
And be the one that you’ve desired,
Cause you’re the one that keeps higher,
So I’ll gladly take that path again,
So that I could treat you like the man you are,
No worries, no sadness in the heart,
So if I could love you longer

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