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If I Fail

written by: Tissy


If I fail let me fail big
Soar great heights and let me fall
Let me see what others don't
Imagine what I could do
If you would believe it too
If you listen carefully
Quietly as the night sleeps
Let my voice dance in the clouds
Like petals falling softly
From the heavens around me
In mountains flow still waters
Through the trees the sun will shine
Winds will carry the lonely
Sounds of a lovers sigh
Oh please won't you let me fly
Tissy Taylor

Tissy Taylor

Author. Poet. Senior Business Analyst. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Author of "Madness, Chaos Unravelled" and soon to be published "Used Wings". Hosts a personal poetry blogsite I AM TISSY and newer website WORD Dish featuring artists across the globe. Her work appears in several anthologies and ezines.
Tissy Taylor

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