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written by: Poe Eternal



I’ve stood in his shoes,
I’ve watched him cry
I’ve heard him tell
A thousand lies
With broken hearts
his alibis
Ghostly spirits,
severed ties
All with smiles
And charming eyes
The devil claimed
Another prize
Softly kneeling,
While he’s killing
Wrapped and bound
is so damn thrilling-
His trickery too.
But watch that snake
He has no feelings
While he’s smothering you

Poe Eternal (Delia Ross)

Poe Eternal (Delia Ross)

I live and breathe poetry. I'm obsessed with the universe and I was a candidate with Mars One (whom are sending people to live on Mars). I spent 15 years in the United States Army and I'm a war vet. I have my BS in Psychology.
Some people want diamonds
While others want cars
I want a galaxy named after me
And my footprint on Mars
Poe Eternal (Delia Ross)

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