I'll Fly Away, Oh, Glory, poetry by Amanda Eifert at Spillwords.com

I’ll Fly Away, Oh, Glory

I’ll Fly Away, Oh, Glory

written and performed by: Amanda Eifert



Bones so broken tight rusted wounds,
Days float by, it’s not enough.
I’m forever competing with my old self.
Fly away, oh, glory, fly away.
Feeling shattered,
Don’t focus on my wrongs,
Stop noticing my indelible flaws,
The ones I didn’t make alone.
Let the rain drops pouring down,
Comfort my aching bones.
Let the rain be coolness that heals,
Not the slice of pain that spurts.
More aching loneliness,
More feeling lost and purposeless.
Let me fly, I’ll fly away, oh, glory.
I’ll fly away, fly away,
Confound the odds and glide.
I try to be okay, take each day in stride,
But you don’t understand what I need.
Somehow, I seek freedom,
You have to let it hurt the most,
You have to let me loose.
Grow or falter as up the mountains I climb,
Though they’re treacherous,
I’ll fly away, fly away.
I’ve invisible feathered wings,
I need to swoop free, turn to soar in midair.
Not be a robin with clipped wings,
Let me be free, let me go on.
I’ll explore, with wounds bandaged.
Let me be challenged, let me wander;
Travel the world, defy expectations.
Please grant my tearful liberty,
God’ll take care of me.
Don’t blow out potential, I’m candle with fire yet.
Leave me fond memories for when I’m old,
Let me soar, smoothly past sunsets,
Dive into warm mint and turquoise blue seas.
‘Cause love can become a trap,
And if you don’t untether me I’ll snap.
A tender tree with splintered limbs,
Will never prosper well.
So I must swim into the whirlpool,
My beak is pointy sharp;
My talons piercing claws.
And caging those who crave to fly,
Is the same as smothering them.
So I’ll fly away, fly away, oh, glory.
I’ll fly away, fly away free.
I’ll fly as the bleak sky’s chisel open,
The rain droplets are my spectre;
And my divinely given Mana.
Into the storms, wherever the flight plan leads,
I’ll fly away, because here I’m enclosed.
Unless I rise on intrepid wings,
I must make my own sweet home;
With born strength in my wings.
To rise above,
A string that unfurls when needed,
So let me fly in dawn’s marmalade sky.
Or lead me home, to those I love,
When my roots need preening.
When you need me;
But today, I’ll fly away, fly, oh, glory,
I’ll fly away, fly away.
I’ll find my hereafter,
On wings sustained by Him,
Who hears my earnest prayers.
The intangible,
The ethereal moments of life.
All captured in semblance,
I’ll fly away, oh, glory,
I’ll fly away.


“I’ll fly away” – Gillian Welch, sung by Allison Kraus “Oh Brother Where Art Though” – Chorus from my poem is from this source/song.

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