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In The Pursuit Of Happiness

written by: Filza Chaudhry


In the pursuit of happiness
Our paths have aligned
You have entered my void
Unlocked my closed heart
Ignited my passion
Given me solace in your slumber
Let’s be what we want to be
Be the deeper weave
To my tapestry
A love that is limitless
Flows through me like bliss
Your truth is the mirror reflection of me
Two souls coming together and being free
Embraced in our solitude
Life’s shackles removed
Time to raise our spirits
Our hearts are beating as one
Our mission to have endless fun
Finding our sanctuary within
We find it with others too
We become what we have meant to be
Right now and for all eternity

Filza Chaudhry

Filza Chaudhry

I am an awakened soul on my spiritual journey connecting with my higher self and conversing through my poetry. Ignited my passion for writing through LinkedIn in 2018 and not stopped since....I am a creative visionary combining my words with other art forms such as Music, Painting, Photography, Illustration and collaborating with other writers too.
Filza Chaudhry

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