In the Relics of Silence, poem by Dr Qudsi Rizvi at

In The Relics of Silence

In The Relics of Silence

written by: Qudsi Rizvi



In the friendship with solitude
some unseen realities I was let into!
silence throbbing through
I saw a very ‘thirsty’ soul
art resided in them and their eyes were dreamy
looking up towards heavens
their eyes spoke earnestly and implored
for an escape into unknown
far far away with no one to recognize and be known
getting lost in silent hills and forests
I understood and connected with them….
Don’t I also look at what I’ve lost
yes some drops of ‘quietude’ I search for
You O! trespasser in the aesthetics of solitude
smile at my poverty of being
but know this
I exist but with no happiness in your fake world
I breathe not ‘love’ but its sadness
and in the relics of time lost
I search for ‘my being’!

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