Yellow Bones & Bottled Peace, poetry by Qudsi Rizvi at
Ralph Nas

Yellow Bones & Bottled Peace

Yellow Bones & Bottled Peace

written by: Qudsi Rizvi



the yellow bones
and blood almost dull and dark
of the modern war-torn man
seek desperately and frantically
the bottled peace
in bottles green…
the broken glass
of the tinted windows
they call it vision and harbor
which termed as information
in this bleary world, collapses;
and the cracked pathways
of delirious experiments
to reign in Nature and breed wealth
Alas! lead him nowhere but
to an abyss deep and dark….
inside the grey suffocation
this mad technology imparts
the oxygen of motivation
and true learning burn out
leaving charcoals of dreams
in the disastrous desert of ecological crisis…
dread only the ensuing trepidations
while mad humanity gyrates
at this earned ‘wisdom’
‘Modern Man is the captive
Of his own mechanisms…..’!

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