A Wing-Stroke Spectacle, a poem by Daniel Moreschi at Spillwords.com

A Winged-Stroke Spectacle

A Wing-Stroke Spectacle

written by: Daniel Moreschi


Segmented sets of starlings sharply elevate
towards candescent skies, suspend, then circulate
in sync. Their wingspans whisper sunset symphonies
while manifesting silhouetted symmetries.

With poise and spurts of swiftness, they transform the air
into an ever-changing scape; this canvas where
each turn and swirl unfurls a painterly display:
a moving mural, rendered on a dying day.

The starlings coalesce to form a chequered veil.
They crown the clouds and skim across a coastal trail,
then separate as if surrendering to gusts,
and cover summits like a desert’s storm-flung dust.

With tapered pace, erratic bursts revert to long
glissades of shimmering shades; a showy dance along
a latent stopgap stage. They stir, careen, decline:
retracing what remains of lofty lazuline,

before it all becomes a screen of red-specked gold.
The starlings falter in their wake; they cannot hold
their elegance in fading light. Their spirals wane
in streaming chains that spill in spates of jet-black rain.

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