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Secrets and Lies III

Secrets and Lies III

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



…Grace could not believe what had just occurred at the hands of her husband Frank. This was unimaginable. This was so out of character for Frank, even if he was intoxicated. He went off the deep end. She felt like she had just witnessed this horrific act of violence from the sidelines, as if it had just happened to someone else. But, unfortunately, it had just happened to her. Frank looked back at Grace and yelled, “Now Joe can have you!” Grace cried, “Why Frank? How could you do such a thing? You raped me!” Frank smirked and replied, “I didn’t rape you Grace. You’re my wife. I’m entitled to one last fling for the road, don’t you think?”
Grace was shocked. She shouted, “Who are you Frank? This isn’t you! You’re crazy!” Frank went upstairs to get his bags. By the time he came back down, Grace had composed herself. Her attire was as neat as when she first got dressed; it was her mind that was emotionally unkempt. She could still smell the essence of Frank on her body. It made her sick. She needed to shower…Frank dropped his bags, walked over to her, and said, “This isn’t how we should be ending Grace. You brought the animal out in me today! I told you I would work things out with Angel and little Mary, and come back to you and the kids. You won’t give me that chance, and I think Joe is the reason! So if you want to act like a slut, that’s just how you’ll be treated!”

Grace wiped the tears from her face and asked Frank to leave. She reminded him that their situation was his fault, not hers. She told him to leave Joe out of this, and to go away and make his life with Angel and Mary now. Grace added, “You disgust me Frank. Any respect that I might have had for you is gone. After what you did to me today, I will never forgive you. I won’t forgive you for betraying our marriage with Angel, and I won’t forgive you for raping me. You forced yourself on me today, against my wishes! That is rape Frank! Even if we’re married. The law is on my side. You better pray that I do not tell anyone about this – the police, Joe, the kids, Father Mike, Mr. Greco, or your precious Angel. Because if I tell any of them what just happened to me, at your hands Frank, each of those people I just named will all have a reason to hate you even more. The police will have a reason to put your sick, sorry ass in jail. Father Mike might find a way to forgive you, but your kids won’t. Joe will probably want to beat you to a pulp…and Mr. Greco, I’m sure, will hunt you down and blow your head off for doing something so violent and so filthy, just before moving in with his loving daughter and granddaughter. If Angel finds out about this Frank – well, I don’t think you’ll be staying at her house for very long. You’ll probably find yourself on the streets where you belong – that is until Mr. Greco catches up with you and leaves you for dead. That’s what you deserve Frank. You created this mess, now live with it. You’re a vicious animal. I never knew you were capable of such cruel, brutal behavior! Now get out!”

Frank responded, with voice cracking, “Oh my God, Grace! I deserved that. I really deserved that! I don’t even recognize who I am anymore. This whole situation has destroyed me. My actions today are unforgivable. I don’t know what came over me. It’s the liquor Grace! It has to be. I’m despicable. I lost all sense of reality. I’m going to burn in hell for this…The thought that I may have lost you to Joe is more than I can bear. I’m sorry Grace. I’m so sorry for hurting you today in such a ruthless way. If I could take it all back, I would…But I can’t! You have to know this is not who I am Grace. Something bad, something twisted, came over me. I had no control. There is no other explanation. It’s who I’ve become over losing you and my kids. I’m so distraught Grace. I’m so sorry.”

“Get out!” Grace demanded. Frank left the house a broken man, tortured by his own demons.


The following is an excerpt from my Novella “Secrets and Lies,” a mix of emotions from huge family secrets and big marital lies.

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