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Indigenous Love

Indigenous Love

written by: Nilutpal Gohain



She lived in the tribal hill
People rarely took that way
Yet it’s the only way to the Red God
That was enough to motivate.

Her beauty gripped me hard
When I saw her getting educated
Someone said she is the Princess
Her clan and the stars were associated

I frequented to the Red God
Wandering through the hill
Glancing covertly at every hut
But couldn’t find her still

Then one day I saw her
Astonished to see her there
It was at the community market
She was gazing into my stare

She came nearer little by little
And held my hand up high
“He is my life partner”, she said
Her friends and family admired

She welcomed me into her clan
But warned me of the concern
Her tribe had matriarchal descent
She would understand if I return

I accepted her as my soul mate
I vowed to stand by in everything
The rules that governed her tribe
Also became a part of my being.


Some tribes in North East India have matriarchal descent where the groom moves in with the bride’s family. It stands as a tough ritual because men are not supposed to cry and they can’t even weep out their sorrow. It becomes tougher if you are an outsider belonging to a patriarchal society.

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