Instant Recognition, poetry by Ariti Jankie at
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Instant Recognition

Instant Recognition

written by: Ariti Jankie


She saw him with the eye of her heart caressing the ankles of her feet
once more.
The sound of the basuri (flute) began to fill the space,
in the doorway, where they sat.

All the tiredness of her youth dissipated,
She floated like a lotus into his hands.
For a split second, she looked into his eyes to find a recognition.
as they sat there, in the doorway of the gallery,
stretching to meet the sky.

He must be the man in the picture,
sitting pensively, looking out the window
two children playing quietly
while her portrait hung from a framed picture on the wall,
of a small hut
with a garland of dried flowers resting upon it.

Fleeting thoughts touching upon the flashes of a vision
of a past life
and a rekindling of love they were now sharing, all over again.
Quietly, he took her hand in continuance.

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