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Is Spring Here?

Is Spring Here?

written by: Sara Ali


The whitened and the bleached spreads like a blank sheet,
All chill in the air and hardly any cheer,
What a dark, aloof, bleak, cool, silent time,
The quiet, alone nights are no respite, so hard to bear.

As out of the curtained window, I look so far,
The scene deepens and spreads inside to my heart,
It’s not just the season of the cool, cold winters,
The pattern is so etched, I cannot grow apart.

Just as the calendar ends its final scene,
I rekindle and remind of all that had been,
I glimpse the trees bare and so do I feel,
But then pops out a lone bud off the peel.

And oh sure, here comes the sun with its shining rays,
I look beyond horizons charmed and lost in the dazzling gaze,
The bird chatters, the swan sings, the bee humms, the cat purrs,
The little one simply lying on the swing jumps out off laze.

That’s it, spring is in the air, spring is in my step,
As those nips and blooms, the blossoms, find their way up,
I too reminisce and remind myself and wish to do so you too,
Love and kindness will smilingly touch us and ferry through.

The multiple colors and shines of spring will usher us into joy,
Just as the season, in life too, it will surely find its way,
After the whites and greys, all colors will smile and come along,
The rainbow of the spring will thrive and steer the gloom away.

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