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It Begins

It Begins

written by: Rebecca Lombardo



So many years I spent searching for my soul
All of the mistakes I made trying to fill that hole

Hurtful words followed by painful actions
Part of me knew this wasn’t what I deserved, yet I couldn’t turn away
Through all of the abuse and lies, I hoped one day I would find him
The one with kindness in his eyes

At times I walked slowly, blinded by tears
Carrying all of the burdens of the past years

At long last, without ever expecting it, I ran into you.

At first we took a chance and couldn’t make it work
We were too afraid of our pasts and the many times we’d been hurt

It wasn’t long before we found each other again
It felt as if a warm blanket was draped across my shoulders

As if somehow, I would never be hurt again
I looked into your eyes and I found all of the answers

I found love without consequences and acceptance without fear
As last I knew what I needed, it was so very clear

I never dreamt of a time when even being away from you for an hour would be a struggle

In the last 15 years, you and I have faced trials, heart-break, sadness, and grief

We’ve lost people we loved and felt pain beyond belief
Through it all, not once did I doubt your love for me
And only briefly did I consider that I should set you free

Now I know that our love only grows stronger with each passing year
Too much time together would never be enough

I’m grateful for everything you’ve brought into my life
I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere else but at your side
I take so much pride every day that I call myself your wife

I hope you understand now that any sadness I feel has a different source
Unfortunately at times, my brain takes a separate course

I will always find my way back to you, mind, body, and soul

Because without you I’m nothing…nothing at all.

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