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Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth

written by: Naima Mohamud Elmi



Images of toothpick sized women bathed in makeup cover her white walls.
Her mirrors covered in lipstick stained messages to herself, there to serve as reminders for all that is wrong with her.

You see….

She wants nicer lips to better suit her face and an ass so round it’s like she’s carrying the globe on her backside. She wants eyes that will conjure lust never love and the kind of breasts not constructed for breast feeding. Her skin, two shades lighter than light and so light that she looks likes she’d been skinned as no more skin is left on her body.

She wants that minus nothing figure so she sticks to eating pigeon portions of salads but hold the dressings because attention is all she is craving. They say big girls don’t cry but her insides are screaming, her body stands there bare it’s their eyes she is feeding and she has no time for happiness she is too busy impressing NO-ONE.

She doesn’t know beauty runs deep because all she hears is “if you got it flaunt it” but what if you don’t. So she cuts away at herself trying to perfect the unattainable but perfection lives in the mind and beauty should only be measured by what’s on the inside.
Your appearance will not limit your success, as success isn’t measured by the number of heart shaped likes you get, this isn’t some contest.

It’s life
Life is to love  yourself so much that you don’t need those images of toothpick sized women bathed in makeup to cover your white walls.
Life is to laugh so hard at the funny quotes that have replaced those self hate lipstick stained messages on your mirrors.

Life is to be lived

And I know you know you’re beautiful even if you can’t say it. So this is me saying it for you.

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