spillwords.com La caja de cristal by J Anne

La Caja De Cristal

La Caja de Crìstal

written by: J.Anne


¡No! Tajante.

Extraña sensación.

Que una palabra ajena, de repente

juegue a adueñarse de foránea decision.


¿Tú? Cobarde. 

Sabio por demás.

Desde la sede de tu pecera,

predicando los peligros del mar.


¿Yo? Obstinante.

Inútil es embutir el universo

 en una caja de cristal, únicamente

 para luego procurarla aniquilar.

J. Anne

J. Anne

Paper won't ever try to speak over you, it patiently awaits its turn to answer. It holds no prejudice, has no standards, and just takes what you throw at it. Words are only as transient or eternal as we would have them be, and that's the beauty of it all... I think, that's why I write.
J. Anne

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