If I Were A Poet, a poem by Daniel Woah Garteh, Jr. at Spillwords.com

If I were A Poet

If I Were A Poet

written by: Daniel Woah Garteh, Jr.


If I were a poet
I would pour pieces
Of my heart on pages
Paint in crystalline clarity
The anguish of my ancestors
My poems would be embroidery
Tailoring the strives
of this generation
I would write aspiration
on the mountains of mama Liberia
That her children – yet unseen
Would see and maintain our dreams

If I were a poet
I would write the dead to life
How deep can a poem be to cause a resurrection?
I would write poems so deep
Even the earth would use as its axis
I would perform spoken words
That could send you in awe
Because I would play on more words
Than any dictionary ever did
I would take the hand
Of my pen in marriage
And you would call me
Mr. Inkredible

If I were a poet
I would use my writings
To spray the fragrance of principles
As proof that if you keep
standing for yourself
You can become statuesque
If I were a poet
I would write the name of my Motherland
In every anthology I see
So that someone somewhere
Could see the beauty of my lineage
I would use words
To build skyscrapers of optimism
The truth is
I want to become a poet
I haven’t found the right words yet

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