Lancelot Left Home, a poem by Sue Marie St. Lee at
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Lancelot Left Home

Lancelot Left Home

written by: Sue Marie St. Lee


Lancelot left home today, tomorrow he’ll be found
On the shoulder of a road, Toronto, westward bound.

White tufts of fur lay matted ‘neath pools of dark, dry blood
Eyes wide open search the sky for something yet to come.

His tail which beat upon the sound of my familiar step,
Lies rhythm-less and broken now, his ears have fallen deaf.

The tongue which licked away my tears or soothed an open wound,
Lay clenched between his fearless jaws which now refuse to move.

My friend and my protector, once always by my side,
Journeyed to another place, my Lancelot has died.



This poem, from my heart, was written the day after Lancelot ran away from home. My husband found him on the side of a busy expressway. It still hurts.

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