Poetry For Writers, a poem by Melissa Lemay at Spillwords.com
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Poetry For Writers

Poetry For Writers

written by: Melissa Lemay


There is art to crafting verse,
quite a way of shaping word,
ever leading to an end
of which one has never heard.

Brevity is art itself,
requiring skill to master;
a few words make for less space,
they aren’t born any faster.

A blank page is limitless–
allegorical concepts,
making sense of things lacking–
just keep it all in context.

Capitulate to demands,
or don’t –it does not matter,
for you may use the former
or extricate the latter.

Remember things you’d forget,
and make light of the mundane.
Evoke feelings of passion
that you may not feel again.

Reject perfectionism; but
keep envois and assonance,
blank verse and rhythmic cadence,
which from fingertips might dance.

Be redundant, different,
interlace meanings with ease,
play words against each other,
increase first and then decrease.

Break away from the pattern,
then return. It’s not like you
to limit what you’re writing,
so don’t! Keep it fresh and new.

Do not go gentle into
that haiku, but rage against
tendency towards nature,
emotion, these sentiments.

Expository stanzas,
metaphors and similes,
likewise combine sentences
like tinkling piano keys.

Crescendo mid-write, if you
will, it is your creation.
Things that speak ordinary
are an abomination.

Cap your pen and all the world
drops dead; quiet afterthoughts
inside your head. There’s nothing,
in your body that’s not fraught

with great expectations of
literary aptitude
or teeming with intrinsic
joy, despair, solemnitude.

Authentic is the best way
to convey explicit thoughts;
they flow and become many
or evade and end in naught.

Writing absent of meaning
is not gifted but a curse.
Empty pages of writing:
an idea that’s quite perverse.

Exquisite words promenade
across essay or story–
the outpouring cerebrum
is an act of sheer glory.

A proper ending, some might
say is quite necessary.
The reader is left begging,
it’s all vocabulary.

Thousands of words, hold them close,
comprehend and utilize.
Language always formulates
behind open or closed eyes.

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