Let Me Carry Your Bones, a poem by Richard Green at Spillwords.com

Let Me Carry Your Bones

Let Me Carry Your Bones

written by: Richard Green


Let me hold your hand gently
As the angel comes to call
Let me walk with you slowly
Towards the end of it all

Let me be right beside you
Til it’s time for you to go
Let me break my heart open
Though I know it must be so

Let me weep at your graveside
Having said all my goodbyes
Let me speak of our memories
With precious tears in my eyes

Let me remember your voice
And the way that you would smile
Let me find peace without you
Although that may take a while

Let me treasure our photos
And the deep love that we found
Let me miss the happiness
Of just having you around

Let me share your true spirit
With those who’ll lend an ear
Let me sit by the river
Knowing that you will be near

I’ll try to be more like you
To attempt to fill the space
I’ll be gentle and caring
Try to emulate your grace

Let me always take you with me
My lover, my true friend
Let me honour your memory
Til I meet you at the end.

Let me take you home
Let me carry your bones
Let me carry your bones

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