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Let’s Fly?

Let’s Fly?

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


Which is easier,
to forgive or forget?
Love or hate?
Helping or stepping on?
Let’s think carefully and impartially.
let’s put the heart in the centre
and let’s diverge from there
all arrows
of understanding,
of tolerance,
of goodwill.
Did we hit the target?
It will be difficult to get it right at first,
The important is not to give up.
The various attempts,
as they get closer to the target,
keep improving us,
making us better
as human beings.

Are we already capable
to answer the questions?
So come on,
Which is easier,
to forgive or forget?
forgive is hard
and therefore very healthy,
light and pleasant.
We must forgive and that’s it,
it’s one of those things
that we don’t need to think
about whether we should do it or not.
We can forgive with our eyes closed,
that we will always do the right thing.
The degree of difficulty of forgiveness
resides a lot
in the intelligence quotient,
in the inner formation
and evolution of each.

Forgetting is also difficult.
what is at stake here
it’s not forgetting trivial
and frivolous things,
this is very easy,
we don’t even notice.
Forget things that traumatized us
I don’t believe it’s easy
but we can handle it well
after homework is done.
I know…
Homework is very painful.
Never harbour hate in your heart,
just love.
Hate corrodes, corrupts, tears.
Love purifies, magnifies.
If you find it hard to love
whoever wronged us, you are wrong.
One of the items of the value of people
is precisely
“love the one who made you suffer”.

Let’s go to the second question,
Which is easier,
To love or hate?
It has already been answered
in the previous question.
Which is easier,
To help or stepping on?
I don’t know how to answer.
Always help.
If you don’t want to help go away
and don’t step on.
Why are you going to step on to?
Are you sadistic?
Step on a mat of nails
and then lie down on it
and enjoy the delicious massage.
Back to help,
to help, is to give a little bit of us.
The more we get along,
the bigger we get.
The more we get along,
the greater the emotional comfort,
the lightness, the peace.
Peace is very light,
gives us wings and allows us to fly.
Who wouldn’t like to fly?
I believe I can fly…
So guys, let’s fly?
Come on!

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