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Life Is Brief

written by: Nancy Lou Henderson



Budding and growing in early Spring,
shaping, then becoming colors of green.
Rustling and holding tight,
cooling, then shading in the sunlight.
Changing and turning brown in the Fall,
floating, then bouncing like a ball.
Rolling and sailing in the wind,
rising, then gliding once again.
Twirling and dancing in the air,
landing, then resting somewhere.
Understanding and loving being a leaf,
Accepting, then knowing life is brief.

Nancy Lou Henderson

Nancy Lou Henderson

I was born in Hico, Texas, in 1949 to James and Mary Blakley. In 1968 at the age of eighteen, I married my soulmate, Frank Henderson, in a little Methodist Church in Van Vleck, Texas. Being a firm believer in that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to do, I have taken on many jobs during my life. I have worked in a factory on an assembly line, driven an eighty passenger school bus, owned a Florist Shop, worked as a receptionist in a Doctor's office, and became a certified Pharmacy Technician at the age of fifty. Hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, quilting, tatting, but I also do exciting things like plumbing, mowing, weed-eating, roofing, and anything else that might come my way. After twenty-nine years of marriage in 1997, I became a widow and will be a forever widow. Frank will always own my heart, and I will remain Frank's wife for eternity. Just for fun and because of loving humor, I also write Widow's Blogs, laughing at myself and relaying to you instructions of what not to do as a widow. Sometimes, I write blogs about my thoughts on all kinds of things.
Nancy Lou Henderson

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