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The Wreckers

written by: Joyce Butler



I'm the one they picked
to sit on the shore and
wait it out
flashing my oil lamp
through the fog;
a lying lighthouse
luring them in
as small bumps of
fear emerge,
prickling my skin.

I know no better
for what do I know
about being
a Wrecker?
A virgin on the sand
waiting for my ship
to land
and then
they'll see the veins
pumping through
my skin
they'll see
what a mess
we are
all of us



Inspired by a scene from a TV adaptation of Jamaica Inn.

Joyce Butler

Joyce Butler

I'm 41 years old. Mother of 2 from Waterford, Ireland. I work full-time as a Clerical Officer. I love to write poetry, micropoetry and short stories when I have time.
I was shortlisted for the Atlantis Short Story Prize 2015 and I've written the first draft of a book.
Joyce Butler

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