The Layman's Love Song, poetry by A.A. Vaflor at
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The Layman’s Love Song

The Layman’s Love Song

written by: A.A. Vaflor


Let the Petrarchan bards
Paint you a sonnet
And the midnight quartet
Sketch you a couplet
As you sprout a smile
And let your silhouette
Supply neon colors
To their heart’s palette.

Let your grace be
The abode for odes
And ballads be
Love’s romantic codes
As you move your lip
And spill a word
And launch those
Poetic ships aboard.

Amidst those verses
Fretted on your grove
Amidst those rhymes
Feathered on your dove
Forget not my lady
Forget not my darling
My poem and my love.

Amidst the quatrains
Embroidered on your gown
Amidst the refrains
Sprinkled on your crown
Forget not my lady
Forget not my darling
This poet and his love.

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