The Panathenaea in Ancient Athens, poetry by Paweł Markiewicz at

The Panathenaea in Ancient Athens

The Panathenaea in Ancient Athens

written by: Paweł Markiewicz


Paulus and Martin
both sons of a Roman emigrant
in bewitched Sparta went to Athens
to participate in
the dreamy Panathenaea
because the sibyl wanted to
give them a crane of Ibycus
just after this procession
in the time of the miraculous

Paulus was robed
in the Roman tunic of poets
Martin carried the
armor of hoplites from Greece

they loved lovely ceremonies
for the sake of their father
a watchman in the
temple of Artemis in Sparta

People loudly glorifying Athena:


You are a zephyrling with vans of the romanticism
You are a noble being with winged beauty of the metaphysics
You are a dreamlet fulfilled in the Ionic philosophy of nature
You are a foggy fantasy of dawn as poesy of the dreamiest epistemology
You are a temple in which lives: logic ethics and aesthetics

and afterwards

when the mast with Athena’s habit north-facing is, the dress maker is lifting up the brushed Golden Fleece
when the mast with Athena’s habit south-facing is, the priest is picking up the forever closed Pandora’s Box
when the mast with Athena’s habit east-facing is, the fighter is raising the cut Gordian knot
when the mast with Athena’s habit west-facing is, the craftsman is heaving the cooled off horseshoe of Hephaestus

the paean-spell of the brothers
after burnt offering for the Sibyl:

Holy Lady Sibyl
Kindle propitious fire in enchanted weird!
flight of a Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

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