Maestro, poetry written by Thaddeus Hutrya at
Manuel Nageli



written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



I sat in the theater box
Almost half-sleep.

Maestro entered the podium
A virtuoso conductor
With disheveled hair.

His first move with his baton
And… it happened!

Before my very eyes
And in the world of my sensations
I saw, I felt miracles’ power
Like in stellar storm with lightnings!

Revolutionary Etude!
Magic Flute!
A night in Venice!
The Queen of Spades!
Blue Rhapsody!
Lost paradise!

Ah, I felt being in paradise!
Among the angels!

The divine choir resounded!

And when the curtain fell
I suddenly found myself
Back on Earth.

Changed, reborn…
My motto ‘to be, always to be’
Skyrocketed to new dimensions. 

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