Lingering Sigh written by Genie Nakano at

Lingering Sigh

Lingering Sigh

written by: Genie Nakano



I love the music
before I was ever born
with a big band memory
why change now

hear that bass
plays so deep and low
her fingers slide
across all keys
Alice Coltrane, I want more

Eartha Kitt
Ms C’est Si Bonne
teacher and guiding star
her costume rests with mine
inside a cedar chest

last night’s dream
in moss green velvet
gardenia in my hair
breathing pixelated colors
I dance a millimeter above ground

I know somewhere
perfume fills the air
like the flowers you gave
when our love was new
I can’t believe you’re gone

cigarette ashes
fall on the floor, we don’t care
or think of being gone
isn’t that the way…
a sigh lingers on and on


Eartha Kitt was my dance teacher—my inspiration.

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