Tell Me, O, You Blissful Blossom, a poem by Arun Verma at
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Tell Me, O, You Blissful Blossom

Tell Me, O, You Blissful Blossom

written by: Arun Verma


Tell me, o! You blissful blossom-

Why you bloom in the forenoon air:
Flinging sepals you then rest bare,
Tall you stand to dance with the breeze
And move your petals around at ease?

Why you spread your scent about:
Sniffing which black bees come out
To rob you of your sweet chalice
And leave you with some somber sighs?

Why do you open your tinted robes:
Rousing in man the vibrant hopes
Of alluring charm and endless youth-
Which lasts not that long in truth?

Why you droop, then, in the twilight:
Wailing in your wordless plight?
Withers away that barren cloak,
That once was eyeful to folk.

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