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The Days of Yore

The Days of Yore

written by: Anne G



The days of yore

are long since gone

but in my heart

they carry on

Imprinted on

my very soul

are days and nights

of time well spent

Refluent are

the memories

recorded scenes

sweet melodies

Photos taken

with my eyes

stored forever

in my mind

A lifetime

oh, so long ago

bittersweet and

happy times

The days of yore

seem like today

I blink my eyes

and I am there

Anne G

Anne G

Why write?
I write because I am:
Driven to distraction by the inequities of the society in which we live.
Motivated by cruelty, abuse, ignorance and indifference.
My intention: To poke, prod and provoke!
"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." - Oscar Wilde
Anne G

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