A Broken Dream, a poem by Eva Anagnostou at Spillwords.com
Daria Litvinova

A Broken Dream

A Broken Dream

written by: Eva Anagnostou



I close my eyes
All I see is you
I close my eyes
Where are you?

How did we become this?
When your touch turned cold?
Was it fate all along?
Like a sailor in a stormy sea
I am still waiting for you

Now the sky is dull, lost in its glory
Clouds melting the sun away
My days fade into meaningless nights
Erasing every dream I once had

Where is your touch?
Where is your smile?
Where are the sweet talk and all these silly fights?

Look at me
I am drawing in a broken, endless dream
Look at me

Oh God of love, give me your hand
I feel so lost
Oh, Virgin Mary, I wonder
Am I all alone?

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