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written by: Joyce Mary J



Light was her companion,
Shadows her playmates,
Born with a heart of gold,
The kid was always full of hope.
Taking her little fingers out,
She made shapes of a butterfly and goat,
Laughing at all her creations,
She never thought that she would face retaliation.
Growing up she made jokes about all the shadow creatures that she made,
Making stories for her play,
She directed them on how to move,
And was proud to write their screenplays.

Situations changed,
The kid grew up to become a fine young woman,
She never remembered her little friends,
And forgot about all the plays that she made for them.
Now, the light she loved became dimmer day by day,
At last, to find herself all alone in a dark way,
Scared to death,
She tried to find back her shadow friends.

All in a vain,
Not knowing about the darkness that she was in,
“Where are you all? I’m afraid, please come back”, she screamed,
But, things were going to unfold in a way that she never would have thought or could have dreamed.
In darkness, her friends started to show their true colours,
Even her own shadow disappeared leaving her distressed,
All other ones played a different game with her,
This time, they wrote a screenplay for her.

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