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written by: Antonia Wang



This fogged mirror has room for one more ghost.
I carry a few on my back and can’t feel them
when I duck to splash my face.

Tap water runs the length of a thought,
or a string of them, pinned to rotting wood
pretending ambiance is a redress
to decay.

No one asks how I define
the spirit world. It’s like looking for lost lore
among the living. The dead keep pinning
their half-colored pages to our clean mirrors.

Sometimes we see them and use our own
markers to fill the empty space.
For show and tell.

On camp nights,
we share their redeemed tales, with our backs
to decaying wood that still binds.

Antonia Wang

Antonia Wang

Antonia Wang is a foodie, poet, and yogi born in the Dominican Republic. She is the Amazon best-selling author of Love Bites, In the Posh Cocoon, Hindsight 2020, Retrospectiva 2020, and Palette. Her poetry has been featured in various literary magazines and anthologies. She writes in English and Spanish and lives in the United States.
Antonia Wang

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