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written by: Kara Jackman



What if none of it matters?
What if there is no downside?
What if I didn’t do anything wrong?
What if it is positive?
What if I am okay either way (because I am and I will be)?
What if it wasn’t that last word I sent via text message that ended it all?
What if it was going to happen eventually anyway?
What if everyone is feeling around in the dark and no none has the fucking answers?
What if all our preconceived notions are bullshit and life is really all made of the positive things we choose to never indulge?
What if there is more?
What if the other shoe drops?
What if life is to be lived?
What if joy replaces pain, confusion, and fear?
What if he does like me?
What if I like him?
What if he just fell asleep?
What if I do well?
What if I am exceptionally talented in a myriad of different ways?
What if I’m not weird?
What if I am a complete delight?
What happens when you stop micromanaging your thoughts and start getting real, the Real World San Francisco.
What if I am a great-aunt?
What if I am exceptional with babies?
What if I am not hurting anyone?
What if I don’t say I’m sorry?
What if I am beautiful?
What if the world really is my oyster?
What if…?



A litany is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration.” This poem is a “lengthy recitation or enumeration” of my usual thoughts as catalogued in my journal on June 5, 2018.

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