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A Sentiment Of Soil

written by: Ruma Hazarika


I have never experienced the fetching water from my country
side river in the earthen pitcher
But I can imagine the delights
Laughing, teasing and the talks.
Sparkling from those innocent souls
The crystal-like starry eyes beauty
And the sunsets dazzling saffron hues
Dancing on the water ripples
Like those giggles of laughter falling freely
And their Last nights romanticised stories
I can feel that very heartily
Though I have never been there
Never inhaled that earthy aroma of dusky Village Road
But it feels as I’ve sensed it.
They’re my heart’s very dear and near
Those sensations of my native soil rendition.
Is this my roots connection which makes me Affectionate with those activities
Which is flowing through my mind, soul, and veins
Oh! I love that simple happiness
Want to get lost in that village fair of delectation
And Never want to come back In this lonely, stiff concrete jungle again!

Ruma Hazarika

Ruma Hazarika

Mother and Wife | Social Activist | Food Blogger | Writer
Ruma Hazarika

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