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Lonely Love Online

Lonely Love Online

written by: Jecht Fair



I travelled home just in time,
Said a thing that should have rhymed,
To a man who found no sign,
But wandered home to find,
A way to kiss the moon – she would not mind.

The fingers dive into plastic medium,
They kindly strive,
With bated breath,
The soul divides,
Valiant hero or sociopathic strife.

Kiss the untouchable,
Sentiments bind,
Her words mould me,
Her will defines,
Such power leaves me blind.

But she leaves me,
With no words,
For hours on end,
Time breaks me in beds defence,

She will return,
My lonely love,
For online i exist,
Through tapping twist,
Without the world unmissed.

Jecht Fair

Jecht Fair

I am an author and poet who wishes to share beauty with a world in which i believe has lost sight of the truly important goals. The attainment of perfection through the medium of literature, poetry and art. To attain an understanding of the human form in all of its aspects, good and bad, even the mediocre and seemingly unimportant.
I just wish to be remembered as we all do, to live on through the vastness of eternity, even when our body falls by the way side.... we still wish to fight on and that is all we can do as human beings who live an uncertain existence.
Jecht Fair

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