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written by: Seorin Kae





Inside my heart

(Oblivious to the opening)

Inflicting pain

Wounding my own soul


My heart is a battlefield


My fears are mighty warriors

Pulling triggers

Swinging swords

Fighting and killing innocence

-my childlike instincts to love

-my desperate need to trust


I hide deep inside my heart



Yearning to escape

Afraid of the only door in sight



To love

To embrace

To hope

To trust

Is my only antidote

My only lethal weapon

Against fear

Against rage

Against the poison in me

Seorin Kae

Seorin Kae

I am a student(MA) and a teacher with a busy schedule, but a lot of thoughts and sentiment I would like to share.
Through my works I want to capture the beauty we so often observe but don't always appreciate . I want to sketch the heart of the inner being of mankind and shed light in the different colors of love that we don't have names for.
Seorin Kae

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